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Having enjoyed a successful business career in management and professional recruitment for 25 years including running my own agency, I now work as a full-time Interview Coach and CELTA English Tutor, imparting the valuable knowledge and experience that I have gained throughout my career and as a Psychology graduate.  

I have had extensive knowledge of managing the full cycle of the recruitment process and advising various clients across multiple industries and disciplines in addition to managing internal recruitment and assessment days for clients.  I have been responsible not only for searching and identifying high calibre candidates but for interviewing and placing them into FTSE 100 companies and SME’s. 

As a trainer of internal managers, hiring managers and recruitment consultants, I have an in-depth understanding of how to present the right impression and perform effectively at job interviews. Throughout my career I have been dedicated to providing a high standard of coaching to my clients thus empowering them to achieve success.  

​I have acquired a wealth of experience across a wide range of sectors and industries both in the private and public sector and have recruited and coached a multitude of clients at all levels ranging from Graduates to Senior Executives and Directors.

Securing the right job and feeling fulfilled in your work is essential to ensure your well-being. My mission is to make your interview experience a positive one by providing you with the skills, confidence and knowledge so that you have every opportunity to excel during your interview and land your ideal job. 

As a tutor of English as a second language, I have assisted many students in achieving their goals, enabling them to secure their ideal jobs, academic qualifications or simply to converse more effectively and confidently in day to day life. 

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