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  • One to one personal interview coaching designed to meet your specific needs 

  • Interview training customised to specific interviews or the type of role you are applying for 

  • Improving your performance by developing your communication and interview skills and boosting your confidence 

  • Support throughout the interview process 

  • Comprehensive Interview preparation including competency-based interviews (STAR framework) and mock interview 

I have provided coaching to hundreds of clients over the years and am confident that I can help you to acquire the skills needed to improve your performance at job interviews. I am also able to train or work with internal recruiters throughout the interview process 

​Through my bespoke interview coaching and by conducting mock interviews, your confidence will be boosted and you will be able not only to anticipate interview questions, but be prepared to provide impressive narrative and comprehensive responses.


Coaching sessions can include: ​

  • Preparation of a clear and professional CV and cover letter

  • Creating a memorable first impression

  • Developing strong and positive body language, tone and enunciation. 

  • How to build rapport and create compelling narrative and interaction  

  • Gaining a clear understanding of what the hiring manager / employer is looking for through job description analysis and company research

  • Identifying your strengths, achievements, experiences and transferable skills to sell yourself successfully 

  • Developing and improving communication skills and interview technique 

  • Improving confidence and reducing nerves to present the best version of yourself

  • Anticipating interview questions and preparing fully in order to provide a series of effective responses 

  • Demonstrating the ability to respond effectively to competency and behavioural based questions using the STAR method

  • Preparing responses to key interview questions and to those you may have struggled with in the past 

  • Conducting a mock interview with feedback and constructive advice and guidance in order to strengthen performance 

  • Preparing thoughtful questions for you to ask at interview ​​

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