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''Nikki is very knowledgeable and approachable. She delivers first class coaching.''

Alex, Bristol

Natalie, London

''Nikki gave me the confidence and techniques to get the job.''


I have helped numerous clients  across various professions and industries get the jobs that they really wanted through my intensive interview coaching and mock interviews. Here are some of my clients' comments:

"I moved to London from Italy to work as a Project Manager but I was concerned as I had no UK experience or knowledge of the interview process.  I was fortunate to be introduced to Nikki who explained the system very thoroughly. I was able to prepare thoughtful responses to questions and was successful in finding a great job thanks to her professional guidance and mock interviews."   



"I would like to thank Nikki for really helping me to believe in myself.  She gave me the confidence to pursue the role that I have always wanted but didn’t feel I would ever be able to attain.  She was extremely insightful and provided me with the advice and support that proved to be so valuable to me.   I know that I wouldn’t be doing my dream job now if it wasn’t for her help." 

James, London 


"Thanks Nikki for all your help.  Lots of the questions I prepared for with you, came up at interview and I was very confident in my answers.  I learned a lot from you and am forever grateful."  



"Nikki was brilliant.  Before I met her, I had had a few interviews which hadn’t gone very well and she easily identified where I was going wrong.  She helped me to express myself much more clearly and to relate my experience, personal skills and also my values to the requirements of the company and job.  Nikki really has a comprehensive understanding of the interview process and was very informative.  I would highly recommend." 

Sophie, Manchester 


"I ran my own company for several years but had a career rethink and even though I work at Director level, I desperately needed some guidance as I hadn’t had an interview for years.  Nikki gave me the direction that I needed and made me reassess what I thought were suitable responses.  With her knowledge and great common sense, she assisted me in changing career direction and getting a position that I really wanted. Thanks." 


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